Say goodbye to makeup that fades, smudges, melts, and disappears and say hello to SeneGence® - the long-lasting, versatile, water-resistant makeup that is changing the beauty industry.


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hey ladies!

I love selling SeneGence for 2 main reasons. I'm able to provide real, transformative changes in a woman's feelings of self-worth and value through the use of our Skin-care and make-up. Ways to bring out the best of your beauty, inside and out. I also love to sell SeneGence because it allows me to take each of my 6 Grandkids on a solo trip when they reach 6th grade. Adventures await!



not tested on animals

no animal by-products used

formulated with FDA approved ingredients

we use naturally occurring ingredients
gluten & GMO free (most products)

lead and wax free (LipSense®)

made in the USA

why these products 


LipSense® is my absolute favorite product! Water-resistant and beautiful.

ShadowSense® is my go to for long-lasting eye wear!

SeneGence®'s skincare products are amazing & are formulated with quality ingredients! I love them!

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are you ready to look and feel

amazing & confident?

Just so you know, it is my passion to share with you this high quality brand, to help enhance your makeup collection and skin care routine!

Do you have a bathroom drawer where you collect the products that just do not do what you expect them to do. I know how you feel. I was that girl until it was love at first LipSense®!

Our cosmetics contain SenePlex Complex™, the same powerful anti-aging complex found in our skincare line. So while you're wearing our long-lasting cosmetics, you will also be reaping the benefits of our amazing skincare line as well.

Easily order all of our beauty products online 24/7. I happily ship to all 50 states! 

Not sure what you need  or which products to start building your collection with?
That is what I am here for!

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you fall in love with a a product and you want it in every color the company makes. Trust me, I get it!

As a distributor, there are guidelines that dictate how much I can discount the products. So if you're interested in saving big, join as a wholesale customer. You will get 20%-50% off all retail prices (which is a bigger discount than I'm allowed to give you).


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