Building your Team Via Social Media

Here are a few questions and suggestions to re-evaluate how you are using your social media platforms. You and I both know just how vital Facebook and Instagram can be for the marketing side of our businesses, so it's very important that these venues for us are used to the best of our ability! As you go through these questions and list of suggestions, takes notes separately and ask yourself how you could be doing better in these areas. Challenge yourself to go the extra distance in social media and to work extra hard to make connections for the growth of your business!

You ready? Let's tackle these one at a time.

-Go through and look at the last 3 weeks and assess what you are posting. Make a list M-S, three weeks worth of posts. Write all of the answers to these questions on each day or relevant day.

- How many times a day are you posting?

- What time/s of day?

-What are you posting about?

-How often are you sharing opportunity in posts?

-How often are you sharing opportunity in videos?

- How many of the videos are FB live?

-How often do you do FB live? What are the FB live topics?

-How often do you do make up tutorials? Are they FB Live or pre-recorded?

-How often do you post about hosting a party?

-How often are you offering sales?

-How many giveaways have you done?

-How many incentives to increase numbers in your group?

-How fun, funny and creative are your posts?

-Create a FB page (schedule 3x a day posts). Go to your FB group daily at the optimum time and share those posts to your group. This way you can pre-plan posts, schedule them to be posted and then share them to your FB group. It will save you the time of coming up with posts each day and having to post them on the spot. The facebook PAGE will automatically post them and from there you can go in and share it directly to your FB group. You can also post on Instagram first, then share to FB page and then to FB group, reaching 3 platforms very quickly!

-Create a business Instagram account and link it to your FB group.

-Post on FB group 3x a day. If you schedule out post on your FB page ahead of time you can go straight to the FB page and share the scheduled post. Set a reminder on your phone each day for the time you want to post to your FB Group.

#1: First thing in the morning 6:30-9:00 am

#2 Mid-day (10:30 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 5:30 pm) and then evening

#3 Evenings 7:30pm-9:30pm (these don't HAVE to happen at these times, your posts will get more views, likes

and comments at these time).

If you have specific times that work better for your audience, stick to

those or add on additional posts at different times and compare.

-Always comment and like on your own post. Post a picture in the comments or say something relevant or fun/funny because the more likes and comments the more views you will get.

-Tag relevant friends, family, acquaintances in posts that are may pertain to them. When you tag someone the picture shows up on their friends timelines.

Okay, how did you do evaluating yourself? Do YOU have any other ideas as to how we can best use our social media platforms? Share them with our group and lets work this year and every year afterwards to excel above and beyond in our social media ventures!

F E A T U R E D    P O S T S