In Person / Online Party Themes

You want your party to stand OUT, so with each party you throw, we have found it to be so much more fun when you throw a theme into the mix! Here are a few theme ideas that would get your ladies PUMPED to be apart of your party:

Pajama's and Pillows Theme:

Invite your guests to dress way down, like we're talking cute and comfy pajamas down. And then? Make sure you tell them to grab their pillows and get crazy comfortable while joining the party! What woman doesn't like lounging in a pair of cute pj's propped up with a pillow and wrapped up in a big fuzzy blanket? HOLLA AT YA GIRL. That would be me.

Princess and Tiara's Theme:

Encourage ladies that at this party, we are going to be bringing out the gorgeous princesses that you KNOW they all are! Send them over to their nearest dollar tree to pick up a $1 Tiara Crown and let them rock it throughout the party. Because, let's face it. All of your guests deserve to wear a crown every now and then. This fun theme brings out the child in them! Also encourage them to get all dolled up for this event! Even though just online,

Wine & Dine Theme:

For this party, the theme is fancy shmancy. So, encourage your ladies to come to the screen with a tall glass of their favorite wine along with some amazing snack they love munching on. We're thinking Ritzy. We're thinking dark chocolate truffles or some kind of amazing and yummy something that goes just right with that perfect glass of wine they've chosen. As interaction during the party, get your ladies to drop what they've chosen as their favorite wine and what they've chosen as their favorite dessert! How fun!

These are a just a FEW suggestions, but we encourage you: BRANCH OUT! You are so creative and we know that you can come up with so many amazing themes to make your Facebook parties fun and exciting for your guests! We see it in you, girl, to create and host THE greatest Facebook party ever. You've got what it takes and we believe in you!

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