Launch Party Set Up

So, the time has finally arrived!

You are preparing for your very own LAUNCH PARTY!

I am literally GIDDY for you, girl! These parties are not just your typical average party. They are SO much fun! You get to invite all of your family and friends and share with them this beautiful business that you get to be apart of! You get to share the story behind why you joined, the motivation that pushed you to jump on board and the inspiration that keeps you moving forward in this business. This is where you get to connect with the hearts of many ladies in your life who love you and long to support you! So, this party is NOT just your average party. This is a MASSIVE party for your amazing start to your amazing business!

P A R T Y S E T U P:

We recommend that you set up four stations in your party space… this allows guests to walk step by step through the process of applying LipSense!

Station 1. Lip Cleansing Station

Cotton Rounds

Witch Hazel (to clean lips with)

​Little garbage for used cotton rounds

Station 2. Color Sampling Station

Sample Lip Colors (your testers)

Lip Color applicators

​Little garbage for used applicators

Color Look Book

Hostess reward picture

Join my team pictures & printed copies of the "How to sign up document”

Starter Collection Prices

Station 3. Color Removal Station (if trying on another color)

Cotton Rounds

Paper Towel

Sample Oops Remover

Station 4. Ordering Station

Phone or computer

Credit Card Reader (square or paypal)

Hostess Sign up sheet

Join my team framed photo and interest sheet

Stock to sell

Organza bags with business cards and application and tips brochure

Updated calendar so you can book parties on the spot for other customers

Booking Basket

Need help gathering all of these supplies? Check out to see our top recommended products that you can purchase from Amazon and other retailers!

F E A T U R E D    P O S T S