Signing Up a NEW Distributor

In this post, we are sharing with you the simple and straight to the point steps of signing up a brand new distributor!

STEP 1: Click: "Sign Up Now"

Step 2: Click " Click here to sign up now"

Step 3: Enter in YOUR sponsor # (place name & sponsor number here) Select Individual Account (unless you are a business with a Tax ID number)

Step 4: Select the $55 New Distributor Kit and remember: you will never ever have any other fees/membership to be a part of this company other than the $55 annual.

Don't purchase any additional "kits" because they don't go towards your accumulated PV points which will qualify you for trips/vehicle/etc. You also don't get to select the product in the kits and some of the products are currently out of stock. Save your money for your first order!

After you successfully pass step 4, then you will want to move on to the next few steps that will begin connecting them with you and your team!

Step 5:

Send them your welcome letter and direct them to the team website with the new distributor guide.

Step 6:

Add them to several group pages on Facebook as a resource: Team pages, SeneGraphics, SeneSelfies, Nerdy for my SeneSisters, Candis Lip Pics, LuxxLips with Lisha, and other fun pages like these!

Step 7:

Add their photo with their name and location to welcome them on our team's page.

Step 8:

Next, you'll want to walk them through and help them place their first 300PV or 750 order!

Step 9:

Next, help them set up SQUARE. Send them your LINK to get $1000 of free transactions. This is in square on the bottom left link that says "Get Free Processing".

Step 10:

And last, but certainly not least: start sharing resources that helped you when you got started. There is SO much stuff here to help them SUCCEED! We have the BEST team!

And there you have it, sweet lady! With these easy 10 steps, you will have just signed up a brand new distributor! Look at you GO!

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